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Here you will find the latest information for the start on 2023-02-11. Please come back in the days before the start for any updates.

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Start-PM 2023 1.0 Published 2022-09-20

"Warm" Welcome to TJÖRNARPAREN – Trail Ultra!

Welcome to Tjörnarp and the central Skåne forests for an exciting and wonderful race!

We can promise happy and non-profit officials with great will, really good trail running and spirited wild boar.

You will have a lovely and challenging day and/or night in our forests!


Saturday 11th February 2023


50km, 50 miles, 100 km and 100 miles


All distances start at 9:00. Arrive in good time to the starting area for the distribution of GPS trackers and ankle chips

Start and finish

Start of Gravel road directly at Tjörnarps Pågatågsstation.

The finish takes place for all starters at the parish home in Tjörnarp. Note! You must run through the target portal for the finish to be recorded via your chip in the starting number. Anyone going out on lap 2 (100 km and 100 miles) must pass the finish line/chip mat to begin the second lap).

Cut off/Reptid/DNF

According to the following for all routes and runners.

Last finish +32h i.e. 17.00, Sunday 12/2.

Last allowed passage control Cecilia on the mountain 05.00, Sunday 12/2.

Last allowed passage control Vändan 09.00, Sunday 12/2.

Last allowed passage control Galten 13.00, Sunday 12/2.

Last allowed passage control Suggan 15.00, Sunday 12/2.

From 2018, you are only noted for time in the distance you start. So you can't change your mind "en route" and count the finish line in a shorter distance than you're signed up for. We do everything we can to help you with your motivation! J

Course information

The length of the course is about 50 km + 30 km (TL2).

50 km – one lap on the original track.

50 miles – one lap on the original track extended with TL2.

100 km – two laps on the original track.

100 miles – two laps on the original track extended with TL2.

Accumulated ascent is about 750 meters per lap of the original track and 1145 meters for original track+TL2.

The course goes largely through skåneleden as well as beautiful and challenging loops around Frostavallen & Hallaröd.

Track marking

We do our absolute best to make a good and clear marking but we strongly recommend that during the race you also navigate using GPS/watch/mobile as a complement to be able to find even if the marking has been lost or missed. Especially 50 miles, 100 km and 100 miles it is recommended to have somehow a digital version of the course available in watch or mobile. GPX file is available for download from

The course is very tightly marked with poles and snitsel but of course it is still an enormous advantage in the security of a digital map. Consider the battery life of your watch or mobile phone and feel free to supplement with a small charger/battery bank, which in most cases is very easy to handle.

Most of the trail runs along trails that have a basic marking in their own colour, e.g. orange on Skåneleden.

In addition to this marking, we have marked the entire course with yellow lines, supplemented with signs at special places such as crossroads and the like. The signs always have a yellow arrow that resembles the colour of the marking and a round dot that shows the basic marking of the trail - see picture below (shows that the trail goes to the left with yellow marking and that there is also orange Skåneleds marking).

Obligatorisk utrustning ( för er säkerhet <3 )

First dressing

Emergency blanket.  (means a thin aluminum foil blanket).

GPS Tracker that is signed out at the start.

Fully charged mobile phone with phone number to the race management, 072-254 88 78, inserted.

Reflective vest, headlamp and spare lamp are required if runners are to be allowed to pass any controls after 15.15. Reflective vests for runners are available in many different designs and the requirement is that it must be a separate garment. So it is not enough to have a few reflective bands on a running jacket. This may seem square, but it must be easy and fair for our officials to determine if the equipment requirements are met.

For everyone's safety, random checks will be carried out. 

Drop Bag

For the 100 km & 100 miles runners there is the opportunity to leave a bag at Tjörnarp's parish home before take-off. This bag is then available at the turn. Mark the starting number on the bag (tape or label).

Fluid and energy controls – See map last in PM

Control Suggan – Norra Rörumsvägen. Water + Energy.

Control Cecilia at Berget – Bjäret.  Water, hot drink/soup + Energy.

Control Vändan - Anderstorp.  Water + Energy.

Control Galten – North Dagstorpssjön . Water + Energy, toilet.

Control Goal/Lap – Tjörnarp Parish Home.  Finish for everyone as well as water + energy snacks and dropbags for 100 miles and 100 km runners.

Dressing facilities

We recommend that you change as otherwise it can be crowded if everyone is going to change before the race.

A change of clothes cannot take place in the parish home (finish) without changing facilities before and after the race in Tjörnarpsskolan, Frostavägen 3 and Idrottsplatsen, Idrottsvägen 11 – both located a few hundred meters from the start.

The dressing rooms open 7.30 in the morning.

Getting Here & Parking

A good way to travel to and from Tjörnarp on this day is of course by Pågatåg / replacement bus to Tjörnarps station. See Skånetrafiken's website for more info.

If you arrive by car, try as far as possible car pooling and use the parking at Tjörnarp sports ground gravel field because the parking possibilities in Tjörnarp are somewhat limited. Parking facilities are also available at Pågatågsstationen a few hundred meters from the changing rooms and at Tjörnarpsskolan.


Registration is made via the TEACHER'S PARK registration form at no later than 230115.

The registration fee is 490 SEK per participant (regardless of distance) including "Finisher garments" for everyone who finishes and of course coffee with lovely sandwiches in the parish home after the finish, just as usual!

The registration fee is non-refundable upon notification.

From 2018 it is possible to transfer their seat to other runners or change their registration including distance through link found in the confirmation email that arrives at your email address after registration. This is something we have long missed and happy to offer! Changes and notifications can be made until the last day of registration 220110. After that, no changes or transfers are possible.

Number tags

Sent in v5 with letter to participants. The number tag should of course be worn throughout the competition and placed on the front.

For safety reasons, it is not allowed to run in any other runner's name/number tag. We prioritize safety over everything else and each runner has indicated their personal information as well as mobile numbers and ICE contacts. If you run under another runner's name, we lose all these details and, for example, can not call you back if you run really wrong.

Start List & Results

Updated retrospectively in the Facebook group

And at


Through All runners carry their own GPS transmitter (tracker) and are followed in real time. The tracker is signed out at the start and should be worn throughout the race. The tracker will be returned at the finish.

The tracker is fully automatic and offers a great safety advantage. All runners' positions are always known by the competition management.

On the tracker there is an "emergency button". If you press this, your current position will be emailed to the competition management and we assume that you need assistance. 

The actual timing is done via ankle chips that are distributed together with tracker in at the start. Be on time!

The ankle chip and GPS tracker should be submitted at the finish.

See the last page of this MEMO about how the tracker is to be worn

Help Runners/Pacer

Not allowed. However, all runners may of course receive help and possibly their own energy around the course "dealing".

Award ceremony

Everyone who completes the race will receive their "Finisher's garment" after the finish. Prize-giving will take place in the parish hall/finish line, as each of the top three finishers finishes.

Safety/Rules/Break the race/stop times

Our intention is that the race should be conducted in principle regardless of weather conditions, which also places higher demands on safety and the participants' attitude.

It is the duty of all runners to help other competitors who have fallen into distress. If you pass runners who seem "completely exhausted", feel free to ask the question "everything ok?". Consider being followed to the next check.

All runners must carry a fully charged mobile phone with the phone number 072-254 88 78 inserted during the race. This number will be given to the race management who will coordinate any intervention. If during the race you need to contact the race management for assistance and are reached by answering machine (due to other ongoing call), please provide your name, start number and mobile number on the answering machine. The race management will call you back immediately. If possible, it is preferable that you use the telephone during the race with the same telephone number as you gave at registration. This way we can easily reach you based on your name or start number if you run badly.

If you feel that the energy is not enough in the finish, you can cancel at one of the five controls. You'll let the officials know you're breaking the race. We arrange transport from the control to the target area in the best way.  

Paramedics including ambulances will be available throughout the race

Runners who wish to pass any check after 15:15 must present a mounted and working head or chest lamp and backup lamp. Even a reflective vest should then be on. For safety reasons, no exceptions are made to this rule. If you are unsure of the time, pack your equipment for night running

Keep in mind that navigation in the dark is much more difficult than in daylight. Evaluate your own experience, strength and day form before continuing the race in dusk or darkness.

Despite the presentation of the above equipment, the officials may choose not to allow you to continue. Then trust their judgment without argument and break the race for your own safety and well-being.


As the race runs on skåneleden and other official trails, it is important that we respond to people we meet in nature with great respect whether it be hikers, riders or cyclists. Pass/meet in a sensible and considerate way. Why not with a greeting and a smile on your face ☺

Of course, there is absolutely 0-tolerance on littering e.g. gel bags and the like. Trash cans are available at every check.  Fortunately, this has been handled fantastically well during all the competition years, a tribute to all participants ☺


Good places for spectators to cheer on the runners are e.g. start & finish in Tjörnarp, Kontroll Suggan (about 11 km) Norra Rörumsvägen, Frostavallen bathing place (about 15 km), Control Galten Norra Dagstorpssjön (about 31 km) and control Vändan in Anderstorp (TL2 – about 40 km).

Throughout the day, we live stream via Youtube channel. See Tjörnarparen's Facebook group for link. The runners and leaderboard can be tracked in real time throughout the day via the Racetracker system. 


There are many accommodation options in Central Skåne. See

Stiftsgården Åkersberg in Höör is giving a 10% discount to all runners and serving a hearty breakfast buffet. Booking at

The train from Malmö-Lund-Eslöv or Hässleholm-Sösdala takes you directly to the start in Tjörnarp.


Before race day – Lars Hektor 0703-777640 alt

During the competition day - Competition management 072-254 88 78, Lars Hektor 0703-777640, competition manager. – Facebookgrupp med löpande info. Maps & Documents. 

GPS Tracker & Ankelchip

Carrying the tracker throughout the race is mandatory and is a very important detail entirely for your safety. See below how to install it. The tracker is signed off at the start and returned after the finish along with an ankle chip.