Registration for 2021 opens shortly! See "Corona Terms" below!

Registration for 2021 opens soon. See "Corona terms" below! (after Swedish text)

The last 6 months have been a strange time for all of us and most races have had to be cancelled. We sincerely hope and assume that Tjörnarpairen Trail Ultra can be carried out fully on the race weekend 13-14/2 2021. At the same time, it is completely dependent on the development of the Corona pandemic. We know that many have paid for races that have been impossible to implement because of the pandemic. We want to avoid this, as we now know what the conditions are, and that is why we have decided on the following model.

When the registration opens in a few weeks, you register as usual but pay nothing. You will receive a confirmation email with a payment link. When we have been informed that the competition may and may be held (perhaps as late as the beginning of 2021), we will send you an email asking you to pay. If the race can't be held, you don't pay anything. However, registration is binding and have you registered and been informed that the race will be conducted, so we hope and believe that everyone will pay (actually even if you changed your mind, then the race always gets fully subscribed and other runners then have been denied to start). Simply a matter of honor.

The purpose of this solution is that no one should have to spend money without running the competition. The only firecracker is if we first get permission to conduct the competition and then the authorities withdraw the permit due to a force majeure – similar situation as a large wave of infection. However, this is considered rather unlikely.

If the number of starters is limited by rules but we still choose to implement, then selection will be made after the registration date i.e. first registered may primarily start.

We hope that you all like our thinking and that together we will have a fantastic weekend in the middle Skåne forests on 13-14/2 2021. The distances will be "as usual" 50 km, 50 miles, 100 km and 100 miles. Of course, the race as usual will be ITRA-sanctioned and give points, likely according to last year.

We wish you a great welcome to Tjörnarp. Feel free to spread! 🙂


The last 6 months have been a strange and demanding time and many races have been cancelled or postponed. We sincerely hope that The Trail Ultra can be completed on the race days of the 13-14/2 2021. Of course this is totally dependent on the development of the pandemic. We know that a great many runners have paid for races that have been necessary to cancel or postpone due to the situation, safety and rules. This is something we want to avoid and we have decided on the following system.

When the registration opens in a few weeks, you complete the registration but do not pay anything. You will get a confirmation email with a payment link included. When we get confirmation from the authorities that the race can be completed (maybe as late as in the beginning of 2021) we send you a mail, asking for your payment. This means that if we have to cancel the race, you do not pay or lose any money. On the other hand, the registration you make is binding and we trust you to honor that and pay even if you change your mind. The race normally gets fully booked, so we most likely have turned down other runners.

The purpose of this arrangement is to avoid that you to pay for nothing, now that we know the uncertain situation. The only reservation is if we first get an ok from the authorities and then, after the payments have been made, they withdraw the approval due to a force majeure-like situation like a rapid climb in Corona rate, which we do not believe is very likely at that time.

If the number of runners becomes limited by the authorities and we decide to complete the race it will be a first come, first served situation, based on the date of registration.

We hope you like our thinking and that we all get a fantastic weekend on the trails of "Mellanskåne" on the 13-14/2 of 2021. The distances will be like the last years 50 km, 50 miles, 100 km and 100 miles. The race will as usual be ITRA approved and we believe that the points will be as last year.

We sincerely wish you welcome to Tjörnarp. Spread the word, good folks! 🙂

Registration for the Tjörnarparen Trail Ultra 2020 is now open!

On Saturday 8th of February 2020 at 09.00 a large number of happy ultra-runners start their adventure in the middle Skåne forests. We run in big forests, over the clear-fellds, along animal trails, through unpaved terrain, on fine gravel roads, along sea shores and over volcanoes.
Many complete their challenge with the finish, reception of this year's finishergarment and community "fika" (coffee) in the afternoon and as many continue in, and for some through, the Scandinavin midwinter night in the headlamp light.

2020 are the distances that last year:

50 km
50 miles
100 km
100 miles

We are trying to develop the race every year and 2020 is the news that we are introducing 2 PC mix classes, where a girl and a guy run whose 50 km or 50 miles as a team and in relay. Runners 1 starts in the big start at 09.00. At the finish, the ankle chip and GPS tracker are moved over to the Runner 2 which pinsets its lap. An exciting challenge, not without a bit of strategy thinking and musings on cool team name! 🙂

As usual, we all in our small village do our absolute best to make you feel comfortable and have a great experience with a lot of joy and a nice feeling!
Our partner Altra Running gives all runners 25% discount on a couple of optional super shoes, so at best it goes almost all the way up with the entry fee which is also this year is 490 SEK, regardless of distance.

All the functionaries and our four-legged friends in the woods say, cordially welcome!


Start-PM & GPX files:

Results Tjörnarparen Trail Ultra 2018

Results Tjörnarparen 2018 – 50 km
Results Tjörnarparen 2018 – 50 miles
Results Tjörnarparen 2018 – 100 km
Results Tjörnarparen 2018 – 100 miles

Click here to get to live timing and GPS tracking of all runners!

We also broadcast live TV through YouTube throughout the race. You are viewing via the below four links (the lowering time per link is limited, therefore there are four paragraphs).

Video link 1 – Ca 08 Sat – 16 Sat
Video Link 2 – approx 16 Sat – 00 Sun
Video Link 3 – about 00 Sun – 08 Sun
Video link 4 – Approx. 08 Sun – 17 Sun
Click here for interactive Google Maps – Map of the entire course. Feel free to come out in nature and cheer on the runners!

For the 5th year you are all so cordially invited to our middle Skåne forests and our fit four-legged companion on 8/12-2018 09.00.

This year we have turned on the big drum and after two years of trail searching and test runs in the forests we are now expanding the track with TL2 (Tjörnarparen Loop two). This means that we offer 4 ultradistanser. 50 km (2 ITRA), 50 miles (4 ITRA), 100 km (4 ITRA) and 100 miles (5 ITRA).

50 km and 100 km are just as usual, 1 and 2 laps respectively on the original track.

For 50 miles & 100 miles, you make a take-off after more than 20 km out on TL2 that stretches through the animal-dense "hallarödsskogen" forests, to some extent in unpaved terrain, over Rönne Å (river) and past giants, trolls and other creatures in the mythical Natthal and further towards the Eneforest and the course's last Outpost – "Vändan" – where our happy officials are waiting for you for a few motivating words and some back dunks before it's time to turn back towards Tjörnarp. The 100-mile runners will experience this adventure twice (for you, we also offer a shoulder to cry against)!

Even if we suspect that the 100-milesdistanse can become deliciously unbearable (will anyone cope with it??) so our goal is not to just to create one of Sweden's most challenging trailraces, regardless of distance, but also to creathe one of the most "good feeling"-races. That's why it goes without saying that all runners are welcome at the beautiful "Fika moment" with our home-made sandwiches and strong coffee in the parish house after the adventures. An excellent opportunity to lie for a moment about the achievements!