About Tjörnaparen

Tjörnarparen is a small village in the beautiful "middle Skåne" forests. We run in big forest, over volcanoes, on footpaths, flaps in mud and sprints along singletrack trails.

There are four ultradistanser to choose from, 50 km, 50 miles, 100 km and 100 miles. 50k & 50 miles-the runners run their tracks from A til B. 100k & 100 miles-the runners make two laps. Start and finish is in Tjörnarp.

Our vision is to arrange a race with fantastic running, very much heart and a low cost.

Please read this article from one of the runners in the premiere Race 2014, article in "Run" (Swedish)

Welcome to Tjörnarparen on 11 February 2023!