The track

The course runs in challenging and biting technical terrain, to large parts along the Skåneleden trail but also on completely unpaved stretches.

Accumulated elevation is about 750 meters/lap of the original track (50 km & 100 km) and 1145 meters/lap for (50 miles & 100 miles). 50 km runs one lap of the original track, 100 km two laps. 80 miles runs a lap of the extended (TL2) track and 100 miles two laps.

Most of the run is on "Singeltrack" and Forest Road but also shorter stretches in unpaved terrain. We put a lot of care into the marking of the course in the best way, but we still recommend every runner to have a digital version on the phone or watch. GPX file is available to download and the route is posted in Endomondo. A tip is to not only "follow other runners" but yourself to be "in touch" with the markings all the time. For the night runners it is a good practice to lift your eyes to see the next marking early i.e. not just focus your feet.