Final start list - Tjörnarparen Trail Ultra 2022

The registration is now closed and the star list is nailed. 605 brave souls have signed up for the adventure on 12-13/2! 😃

This is an increase of 30% from the previous race, which we are very happy about and it really motivates us to do our very best to make sure you all have a great experience! 🙏

50 km - 363 runners

50 miles - 119 runners

100 km - 64 runners

100 miles - 59 runners

Nations represented in addition to Sweden are Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Italy and the United Kingdom.

We are now starting the production of number plates and no changes to the starting list are possible, which also means that it is not possible to transfer or sell your starting place.

Please note that for safety reasons you may not run in the name of another runner.

You are all so very welcome to Tjörnarp where we officials and our four-legged friends in the woods are waiting! 🐗🐗🐗

Link to start list here