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Results Tjörnarparen Trail Ultra 2022

Final start list - Tjörnarparen Trail Ultra 2022

The registration is now closed and the star list is nailed. 605 brave souls have signed up for the adventure on 12-13/2! 😃

This is an increase of 30% from the previous race, which we are very happy about and it really motivates us to do our very best to make sure you all have a great experience! 🙏

50 km - 363 runners

50 miles - 119 runners

100 km - 64 runners

100 miles - 59 runners

Nations represented in addition to Sweden are Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Italy and the United Kingdom.

We are now starting the production of number plates and no changes to the starting list are possible, which also means that it is not possible to transfer or sell your starting place.

Please note that for safety reasons you may not run in the name of another runner.

You are all so very welcome to Tjörnarp where we officials and our four-legged friends in the woods are waiting! 🐗🐗🐗

Link to start list here

Registration 2022 open!

English will follow

Now the registration list has been cleared from unpaid starting places and we open up the registration for TJÖRNARPAREN TRAIL ULTRA 2022.

Right now there are available places on all routes and you are more than welcome! 😃❤

Registration link:


The registration list has now been cleared for not paid regsitrations (from 2021) and we open the regsitration for TJÖRNARPAREN TRAIL ULTRA 2022.

Right now spots are available on all distances and you are so welcome to register 😃❤


English will follow!

Hello all runners! 😁

Now we are closer to clearing the starting list for Tjörnarparen Trail Ultra 2022 from unpaid registrations that will then be offered new runners!

A lot of people have paid but we still think we see names in the list that we strongly suspect should start and we do not want to wrongly delete a notification! We would therefore ask you to take a look at the registration list (also check your friends' registrations)

In the column on the far right is the date we have noted payment. If the field is empty, we have not registered any payment. If you have paid but still have not been registered, please send us an email and we will correct immediately.

If you wish to pay, please use the payment link for card payment in the reminder email we previously sent. Via the link you can also pay with Swish. These payments are recorded directly and automatically.

Dear runner!

We are now heading for the point where we cancel not paid registrations for The Trail Ultra 2022 and offer them to new runners.

The absolute majority have chosen to pay but we think it's likely that some have missed the reminders, so we kindly ask you to check the registration list (maybe also for your friends):

If we have noted a payment, you will find a date in the most right column. If it's empty, no payment has been registrered. If you have paid but are not noted as paid, please send us an email and we will of course update your regstration.

If you wish to pay, please use the card payment link in the reminder mail, as these payments will be registrered instantly.

Tjörnarparen Trail Ultra 2022-02-12 confirmed!

English will follow below.

The world is slowly opening up after two strange years and we are very much looking forward to once again filling Tjörnarpstrailen with happy people and lots of positive energy! 🙂

We have now emailed invoices to all registered persons. Please check the spam if you have not received the mailing. If it's also missing there, email us and we'll fix it!

We will make a reconciliation on October 15th and to keep your starting place we need to see your payment then. After 15/10 we update the registration system and offer any unpaid residues to new runners.

As it stands today, 50 km and 50 miles are fully booked. At 100 km there are 14 places left and at 100 miles 11 places. These can be booked now directly! 😀

If you would like to change any information in your notifications, please use the change link at the bottom of your confirmation email.

Have a lovely autumn but good training, and I'll see you in February! 😁

Dear runner!

The world is, after two strange years, finally returning to a more normal state and we are very much looking forward to once again fill the Tjörnarparen trail with happy people a lot of positive energy.

We have now sent out invoices to all runners that have registered for the race. If you have not received the mail, please check you spam-folder. It's not to find, please send us an e-mail.

We will check the payment status for all registrations on the 15th of October and to keep/confirm your registration we need to see your payment by then. After the 15th, unpaid registrations will be released to new runners.

As of today 50 km and 50 miles are fully booked. On 100 km we have 14 places available and on 100 miles, 11 places. These can be booked right now.

If you would like to update details in you registration, please use the link at the bottom of your confirmation e-mail.

Have a nice case with great training and let's meet in February! 😁

Trail Ultra 2021 Tjörnarparen – Moved/Moved to 12/2-2022

Trail Ultra 2021 Tjörnarparen – Moved to 12/2-2022

English will follow below.

Due to the Corona situation, we have decided to move the competition to 12-13/2 2022.

We have been following the development of the pandemic for a long time and thinking about the options available. We have considered many different variations on how the competition could be designed to fit current rules and recommendations, but when we think more closely about it, we realize that it is not meant to find smart solutions, but simply to take responsibility.

Of course, we do not believe that the risks of contagion are very great in the forest, but there are over 700 runners who will transport themselves within Scandinavia and Europe and it does not feel responsible to contribute to this.

We therefore move the competition one year ahead and the new start will be on February 12, 2022 at 09.00, of course we sincerely hope that you will then be on the starting line! 😃

What happens now and what do you need to do?

1, We only move the date of the competition and you therefore retain your starting place.

2, You're still not paying anything right now!

3, At the end of summer 2021 we will send out an invoice for the starting fee. This invoice must be paid within 1 month in order for you to keep your starting place. After the past month, the start list is cleared of any participants who do not wish to participate and thus do not pay. These possible starting places will then be available to new runners.

4, We now keep the registration open and it is still possible to register for the race in the classes where there are seats, for the current 100 km & 100 miles.

5, Keep the confirmation email you received when registering. Via the link at the bottom you can update your details if any changes in the coming year.

6. If you wish to transfer your starting place to someone else, it is quite possible. Use the change link in the confirmation email to change all tasks to the new runner's. Note! It is not possible to change distance.

All of us in Tjörnarp hope that we will meet you in February 2022!


Due to the Corona situation we have decided to move the race date to 12-13 of February 2022.

We have followed the development of the pandemic closely and have evaluated what options we have to adapt the race format to the pandemic regulations and recommendations but have come to the conclusion that we should not try to "fix" a solution but to act in a responsible way.

Therefore we move the race date one year forward and the new start will be on the 12th of February 2022 at 09.00 We sincerely hope you will participate!

What now?

1. We just move the race date, so you still have your start slot.

2. You still do not pay anything at this point!

3. By the end of the summer 2021 we will send out at mail with the invoice for the starting fee. The invoice will be due in 30 days. After the 30 days we will clear the starting list from runners that have chosen to not participate and therefore have not paid the invoice. These slots will by available for new runners.

4. Right now we keep the registration for 2022 open, so it ́s possible to join the race in the classes that are not fully booked (100 km & 100 miles).

5. Keep the confirmation mail you received at registration in which you find a link for altering of your details. Ig your details (like phone number) changes during the year, pleas update your registration via the link.

6. If you wish to transfer you registration to another runner, this is possible by using the link in the confirmation mail (as above). Just change all the details to the new runner. Race distance can however not be changed.

All of us in Tjörnarp really hope to meet you in February 2022.